A Gun-theme Restaurant

Over the past couple of years a ridiculous number of restaurants having varied themes like Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, ninja, Vikings, just to name a few, have opened around the world. The newest addition to this frenzy of theme restaurants is the gun themed restaurant. These restaurants forever run the risk of either becoming niche players or going a little over the top, but if you are an adventurous soul with an appreciation of old school kitsch, you might want to head out for an evening of camaraderie to your nearest gun themed eatery.

An integral part of the Second-Amendment of the US Constitution, the bill of rights – carrying arms, be it open or concealed, is legal in many parts of the United States which has inspired these owners to combine their shared passion for food and guns. Pro-gun activists and gun enthusiasts alike have championed the cause believing the right to carry a fire-arm to be a fundamental part of their freedom. But if you are not of a similar disposition, go in just for the food and the decor.

It’s not only the decor that will win your heart. They have not skimped on the food either. Some of these places have been the favourites of food critics too. Although a fairly new concept, some of these restaurants have become so popular that they often sell out of food much before closing time. Rustic, woody interiors, creaking saloon doors and entrée names packed with a punch, will transport you to your favourite Clint Eastwood western. Or it could be James Bond, SMGs, hand grenades, fake assault rifles, et al, if old westerns is not your thing.

At a few of these places it is permitted to carry a gun inside as the wait staff themselves carry fully loaded pistols in their holsters. But don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to dine in with your family. They are given extensive training before they join and there is no chance of anything going wrong. Just sit back in plush comfy lounge chairs and sip on your favourite cocktail. They have many to offer there too, all the names are inspired from classic weapons like the Remington, Kalashnikov and Smith & Wesson. Other such places will indulge you in shooting games. They use replicas of the real deal which feel and weigh like the original ones. You could while away your time shooting objects on their plasma screen. It’s like video game but only better.

All of these wonderful reasons might still not be enough for some who are truly wary of firearms. We get it. We live in bad times and guns should be the least of our requirements. However, most of these owners cherish this theme because it brings to them the sense of protection. Prices of guns reflect that not too many people would be able to afford them, they are expensive. The world we live in is also a kooky one. There are restaurants with insane themes like the hospital, which is enough to turn people’s stomachs. They too are a hit, though. Be it hospitals or guns, people have proved time and again that they can overlook the facade and appreciate the innovative spirit and expression behind it.

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